Warrioress Profiles

MindyAuthorPhotoAfter I returned from three months with the Maasai tribe in Kenya, many women urged me to write about my journey.   I took their advice and wrote Warrior Princess, the story of how I became the first female Maasai warrior. I’ve come to realize that the very women supporting me in sharing my experiences are living their own warrior stories, carried out in a myriad of arenas. Yet all too often these women don’t think they deserve to share or celebrate their journeys because their goals aren’t completely accomplished. In our society, we’re accustomed to celebrating a successful finish:  getting accepted by a top school (even though it takes years of diligent study); fitting into a smaller dress size (even though adhering to a weight-loss plan requires daily discipline); sprinting across the marathon finish line (even though the very act of training proves incredible strength). Our to-do lists are endless, and often the finish remains in the distance. But that’s not the only way to live. The Maasai don’t keep track of time, as they recognize the only moment that matters is the current one; thus, the journey is what is always being celebrated. Yes, I accomplished a goal, but my journey, just as everyone else’s, has and will continue. Rather than raising Champagne glasses only at the end, why not clink glasses and support one another during the journey as well?

This is the spark behind the creation of these Warrioress profiles.  Some voices are exuberant, some focused, some happy, some sad. The common theme is that every voice is valuable, and that we can learn from each other’s stories. My hope is that these profiles will help us start to appreciate our own journeys as well as support and celebrate those of others.

Warrioress Profiles:

TJ, hiking guide, Malibu, California

Jenni, Stylist, Manhattan